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Emmitt Smith on Redskins Name Change: ‘Drop the Red and Keep the Skins’

Former Dallas Cowboys RB Emmitt Smith played against the Washington Redskins many times during the course of his 15-year career in the NFL.

He’s familiar with the football culture in Washington D.C., and has a good idea of what resonates with the team’s fan base. So he decided to voice what he believes is the best solution to the team’s naming issue.

Unfortunately, it’s an idea that doesn’t solve many of the issues the team is facing. He thinks owner Dan Snyder should “drop the Red and keep the Skins,” according to Sporting News.

And surprisingly, Smith was sympathetic toward Snyder’s situation.

“I think it’s unfortunate because Daniel Snyder bought the Redskins because of the Redskins value and the Redskins brand,” Smith told Sporting News. “Now you take that from him, it’s gonna be very tough because he loses some of that value.

“But if he can just drop the Red and keep the Skins, I think that part would suffice. Drop the Red and keep the Skins, keep the Indian logo and keep it moving, make the adjustment. You don’t have to change the colors. People know them as the ‘Skins anyway. The brand has been completely established; don’t lose it all trying to fight the overall battle. Take the one thing that will make you successful and that part is the ‘Skins and no one can question that.”

Smith makes the situation look more simple than it actually is. No matter what course of action the team chooses to take, it will be challenged in the form of a legal battle. So to say “no one can question that” isn’t really true, although it sounds good on paper. And the Redskins are at fault for some of it. Asking fans to troll Senator Harry Reid with tweets wasn’t a great idea.

This will likely be a long, drawn out process, and simply dropping the “red” in the name probably isn’t the best solution to the problem.

(H/T: Sporting News)

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