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Clay Buchholz and Donald Trump


Clay Buchholz is getting married in two weeks at Donald Trumps’ National Golf Club in Los Angeles.  Seems like a fitting place since, according to the Globe, Trump intoduced Clay Buchholz to his fiance Lindsay Clubine:

Clubine was introduced to Buchholz by Donald Trump at a party after a UFC fight in LA. “There were a bunch of players there, and Donald walked me over and said, ‘Hey guys, this is Lindsay and she’s single.’ He literally threw me to the wolves. Clay and I hit it off and the friendship just grew.’

The Globe also reports that Ells, Penny, Masterson, Kotchman, Lowrie, and Bowden will all be a the wedding.  If you make a tee-time in a couple of weeks you might be on the course with some Red Sox players but it will cost you $275 a round.