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Sox Drop 2nd Straight Game to Tigers Behind ERod’s Shaky Start

The Sox took the field on Saturday afternoon and weren’t just battling the Tigers, but also battling a nasty flu that has been making its way through the team.  The flu even hit the broadcast booth as Dave O’Brien left mid-game with flu like symptoms.   On the field the Sox didn’t fair much better.   The Sox got out to an early lead, but then the Tigers got to Rodriguez and then cruised to an easy victory.

The Sox cracked the scoreboard first when Bradley Jr. hit an RBI sac fly to scoreland Moreland from 3rd.  Sox 1-0.  The Tigers ended up tying up the game in the top of the 3rd inning when former Sox Jose Iglesias hit a solo home run off Rodriguez.  Sox 1-1.  ERod kept the game tied until he took the mound in the top of the 5th inning and everything started to unravel on him.

ERod gave up a solo home run to McCann to put the Tigers out in front, but they weren’t done there.  Iglesias hit an RBI double and then Kinsler hit an RBI single to now have the Tigers leading 4-1.  Rodriguez was done after 5 innings and now in line for the loss.   The Sox bullpen didn’t allow any more runs, but the Sox bats weren’t able to get anything going either, so the Tigers were able to win with ease.

As for the Sox bench which seems to get shorter each and every day.  Mookie Betts is back with the team and projected to be in the lineup tomorrow.  Hanley Ramirez is still in Boston, so I doubt we will see him until Tuesday.  Bogaerts and Barnes should be back from bereavement leave on Monday.  The bad news is that John Farrell said he felt under the weather, Andrew Benintendi was throwing up in between the 6th inning and Jackie Bradley Jr might have tweaked his knee running the bases late in the game.  So it seems as if once a player is ready to return, the flu takes another victim.  It’s pretty brutal out there and let’s hope that the team gets healthy soon.

Red Sox 1  Tigers 4  BOXSCORE

WP: Zimmermann (1-0)  LP: Rodriguez (0-1)  SV: J. Wilson (1)