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Fireside Chats #51: Where we try and find holes in this team and fail

Boston Red Sox podcast on MVN Radio, Episode #51 where we try and find holes in this team and fail.

Episode #51
Hosts: Paul Testa, Tim Daloisio
Guests: none

You know things are going well when your starting third baseman hits the DL and you’re really not all that worried about your team’s future.  We’ve almost come to expect another series win and another 2 out of 3 taken from the opponent.  Paul and I do break down some of the options in front of the Red Sox as the trade deadline approaches and sing the praises of the starting rotation.

This weeks’ “Tweet of the Week” from our Red Sox Twitter Tracker:

from @kentremendous

All that and more on Episode #51 of Fireside Chats on MVN!

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