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Free Agency

It now has been a few weeks since free agency frenzy and I thought it was a good time for a quick reflection.

Mike Smith: I really hope that he doesn't continue last years play. If he's damaged goods I don't want him. I want the Mike Smith from the season before. Also, not a fan of that contract especially with the ntc.

I am just not a fan of long contracts. I think 3 is a good length. Any more than that and you set yourself up for many unknowns. Yes, those can happen in 3 years or less but then your consequences are also less. Hockey is a dangerous sport. There could be career ending injuries. Or maybe you just need to go in different directions. Maybe one party grows tired of the other. You just never know.

Biggest Signing: I am excited to welcome Mike Ribeiro to the team. I always hated playing against him. He was one of those players you want on your team, not to play against. It is also refreshing to hear that he really wanted to come here because of Tippett (and for once Tippett looked down right giddy at a press conference). I believe he will be a good fit here. 

Biggest loss: I am sad to see Boyd Gordon go. He was a good fit here, won face-offs, blocked shots… basically did all the little things right. I get Edmonton offered him a boatload more than we could but he leaves a big hole. And yes, I know Chip will get more playing time now but I think Gordon is a more skilled, well rounded player. Chip always seems like he is trying to hard and ends up missing great opportunities to pass/shoot etc.

New coach: It appears we have brought on a new coach for the power play. Honestly I don't even know his name off the top of my head. I just hope he is the answer (this makes me a terrible blogger, doesn't it?).

I was not able to go to development camp but my source told me that Domi was outstanding but kind of small. He just signed and coaches said he has a chance to make the big team. I look forward to training camp. 

Will this be the Coyotes year? I really don't know but I am excited to (maybe finally) have an owner and to watch some good hockey!