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Happy 4th of July!

Two things you should be reading:
1) My recap of my day up at Portland
2) The 2005 All Star Rosters as broken by the Most Valuable Network!
[UPDATE] Jon Papelbon to AAA!


  1. Too bad that Pawtucket game has been sold out for months. Schilling starting, Papelbon called up, and as if that weren't enough to draw a crowd, it's the 4th of July too (which is a real event for the PawSox, big fireworks display, etc.).


  2. So what do you think? Is Foulke about to discover an injury, or what?
    Nothing's right. His control is off. His velocity is spotty. His changeup is nonexistent. And his slider was never better than a show-me pitch, but (because he's got nothing else) he's throwing it more than I've ever seen.
    And we're in a pennant race here. Take a couple of weeks off, fella. Regroup. Retrain. Whatever you need to do.
    And don't come back until things are right.
    Meanwhile, Miller continues to be up-and-down. We deserved to lose this game anyway. Blalock having 3 granny opportunities in one game? That's walking a minefield.
    Oh, and I think I'd like to see Schilling make another AAA start, too. Don't hurry back unless you're yourself, big guy. Because we don't need any more 5.00+ ERA's running around. We've got too many of those already.