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Roster Shuffle!

Abe Alvarez to AAA.
Ramon Vazquez to AAA.
Jeremi Gonzalez to the majors.
Lenny DiNardo to the majors.
I like it – Jeremi is a good longman in the bullpen and it allows Abe to keep starting. Ramon just wasn’t being used at all. I’ve been clamoring for DiNardo for a while, so I’m thrilled.
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  1. I love the Vazquez move. One, he wasn't playing. Two, with Youkilis, Mueller, and Bellhorn all willing & able to play multiple spots in the IF, Vazquez wasn't going to play much anyway.
    Which is good, because as we've said before Vazquez can't hit, run, or (with the injury) field adequately.
    Maybe Vazquez can throw. Maybe he's got a Gatling gun for an arm. Is that why Theo wanted him?
    Oh, and of course I like the DiNardo move as well. Go ahead, Tito. Don't be shy. Use him.


  2. Of course. Not much more, since (as we said before) Vazquez wasn't really playing anyway, but more. But a few extra AB's a week for Youkilis, sure. Well worth it, IMHO.
    BTW, did you see the <a>comments (free reg. requ.) Vazquez made about the demotion?
    "I'll go down and play for myself," Vazquez said. "I'll play for me and what other teams might want me. When they talked to me today, they said they had been trying to trade me. There was no talk of getting back here."
    That's a great team player we're losing there. Good riddance. Why would we want you back? You're a lousy ballplayer and (apparently) a clubhouse cancer to boot. The only thing that bothers me here is that you'll actually get to share a playing field with Schilling in Pawtucket. He's got more talent in his left big toe than you have in your whole body, and he's an infinitely better man too.
    Oh well, can't be helped. I just hope Vazquez & his surly attitude don't taint the prospects we have at AAA.