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Below is the Trivia Leaderboard marking how many each person who has played has won trivia. We will keep a tally throughout the year with the victor receiving a grand prize and two runner-ups receiving smaller prizes. There are also smaller, individual prizes for each person who wins trivia that are stated in every trivia post. Any question that is answered in full receives full credit, “parter” questions receive the appropriate credit. Tiebreakers will be on sudden death trivia questions.
Search Engine: I am thinking along the lines of Google, Yahoo!, Altavista, etc.; an engine that searches the Web as a whole. “A directory of Internet content.” Thus, Baseball-Reference.com, Wikipedia, et al are fair game.
Keyword Searches: This is any other search that isn’t covered by “search engine” and includes Wikipedia, MLB.com, etc. EXEMPT from this is looking up a specific player’s biography or statistics.
TRIVIA standings August 15, 2008 — present
SPONSOR: Shutterfly
GRAND PRIZE: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ3 with 5 MP, 6X Optical Zoom, 2-Inch Diagonal LCD.
Tessie’s Dad- 4
Mostly Running – 2.67
Peter – 2
Chops – 2
Daniel Rathman – 2
Bay’s Dad – 1
radiohix – .67
Tom A – .33
RobO – .33

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