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2013 Patriots Position Preview: Quarterbacks

With the NFL season fast approaching, let's take a look at the Patriots roster by position, seeing how each player will contribute, starting of course with the Quarterbacks.

Players currently on the roster:

Tom Brady

Ryan Mallett

Tim Tebow

Let's start With Tom Brady.  Brady will be the man under center again as usual for the Pats in 2013, barring an injury.  He has been given a receiving core of unproven players this year.  He may find he has his hands full to start the year, teaching rookies and other new faces the system, but if he can develop a rapport with a few of them and get on the same page, it could be business as usual for Tom Terrific.  With the departures of Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez, Brandon Lloyd, Danny Woodhead, and possibly Rob Gronkowski for a few games, Brady will surely have to live up to his nickname and be terrific this season for the Patriots.  At age 36, he doesn't have much time left if he wants to capture another ring, so expect Brady to give it everything he's got in 2013.

As for Mallett, this is an interesting season for him as well.  As a third round pick two years ago, there was alot of hype surrounding him when the Pats landed him.  Now with two years remaining on his contract, and another capable backup behind him in Tim Tebow, he may find himself traded if he performs at a high level in the preseason.  If the Pats decide not to deal him,  he will be the bonafide backup to Brady in the event Brady succumbs to injury.  If Brady stays healthy the entire season,  Mallett will obviously not see the field unless the game is a massive blowout.  Even then, there is no guarantee he will play so consider Mallett a non-factor in 2013 unless he is dealt.

Tim Tebow is what I would consider a wild card for this team.  His role could be any number of things in 2013.  He could be on special teams, he could be used in short yardage situations, especially near the goal line, they could utilize him as a tight end, or he could be a third string quarterback.  If Ryan Mallett were to be dealt he could even step in as the backup to Tom Brady.  Tebow's fate is yet to be determined in 2013, as the Patriots could even possibly cut him before the start of the season.  However, with the controversy the Patriots generated by making the move, I do not believe the Patriots will cut him loose. They must have known what they had in him before hand to make a move of that magnitude.