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Isaiah Thomas wants to meet Tom Brady and pick his brain

Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas took to Twitter on Tuesday to try to get a sit-down with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

“I mean, I’m in his backyard,” Thomas said after practice Tuesday, per WEEI.com. “It would be nice if somebody could make that happen to formally meet him, and like I said, just picking his brain about the road to winning a championship, like what it takes and how to focus in on being great.”

Brady, a four-time Super Bowl champion and one of the winningest quarterbacks in NFL history, knows what it takes to be great. He will, no doubt, be in the Hall of Fame some day. As will NBA player Kobe Bryant, who Thomas compared Brady to.

“It would just probably be like sitting down with Kobe. I got the chance to talk to Kobe. I’m real good friends with Floyd Mayweather so I get to pick guys’ like that’s brain. I just would like to sit down and actually meet him and also just pick his brain about winning championships, and how he goes about his day, how he prepares. I like his preparation to everything. I like to pick guys’ brains, especially the best in the business, best in their field, and see what he has to say to me. Hopefully I can make it happen.”

Like Brady, Thomas was a low draft pick, the last pick of the 2011 draft to be more specific. Brady, often mentioned as the biggest steal in NFL draft history, was overlooked and so was Thomas, a 2016 All-Star.

“No doubt. He was definitely not – coming into the NFL he wasn’t supposed to be a Pro Bowler, wasn’t supposed to be a franchise player, wasn’t supposed to win Super Bowls and be arguably the best quarterback ever,” Thomas said of Brady. “And I want to be on that path. I’m not saying I’m going to be the best player ever but…”

“I just want to grow. I want to grow. Not just being a basketball player but being a leader in all aspects, all facets of the game. And why not learn from the best. Especially, I think it’s better to learn from different guys in different sports in how they lead and how they get respect from their teammates.”

“Like I said, I would love to pick his brain, ask him a few questions. I got to do it with Kobe. I got to do it with Floyd Mayweather, always do it with him and things like that. [Peyton] Manning’s retired so I can’t do it with him. So I’d love to do it with Brady.”

Thomas wants to be great, and he’s asking the right guy for advice. Let’s make this happen, people.