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Jets Barely Soar Past Patriots in Overtime Thriller

Quite an interesting first half. The Jets started off the game with the ball. The Patriots defense, particularly Kyle Arrington, decided not to play defense. This allowed New York to convert on every 3rd down play. When they made it inside the Patriots’ redzone, Geno Smith found his favorite receiver, Jeremy Kerley, in the endzone for a touchdown. But the Patriots responded well. Tom Brady threw several passes (including one major one that got New England inside the Jets’ 10 yard line) to Rob Gronkowski. New England capped off the drive with a touchdown run from Brandon Bolden. But the Jets were driving on the ensuing possession. I thought they would retake the lead since they were deep inside Patriots’ territory. But Smith threw a pass intended for David Nelson that was picked off by Logan Ryan. Ryan ran it all the way down for a touchdown and I was thrilled because not only did it give the Patriots a 14-7 lead (including Stephen Gostkowski’s extra point), but it was also done by a Rutgers alum! Chandler Jones later picked up a big sack at the end of the first quarter and the Patriots would force the Jets to settle for a field goal from Nick Folk. New England got great field position from Julian Edelman’s big punt return. Add a clutch 4th and inches conversion and a holding call, you now have the Patriots deep inside the Jets’ 10 yard line. Stevan Ridley finished the drive with a touchdown run. There would only be 3 and outs after that but I was satisfied with the 21-10 lead at half time.

This third quarter was awful. Brady started off the quarter with a pick-6 to Antonio Allen. Then after the Patriots got nothing, New York drove down and unfortunately, the New England defense (err…Dont’a Hightower) completely broke down and allowed Smith to rush for the touchdown. After another Patriots 3 and out, the Jets responded with another field goal from Folk. Luckily the Patriots had a promising drive that I thought would end in a touchdown. But nope, only a field goal from Stephen Gostkowski. I couldn’t believe the score was only 27-24 because the Patriots were just not in it today. Late in the 4th, New York gave New England the ball back with 2:17. Honestly, the Patriots should have had a touchdown. From awful running plays to missed catches by Gronk, all the Pats could do is settle for a game tying field goal (albeit a long one) from Gostkowski. To overtime we go.

This overtime will be forever remembered by true Patriots fans. Even though Brady got the ball first, he got nothing from his receivers. When the Jets took the ball, they drove it down the field because of great catches from their receivers and big runs from their running backs. However, would it be enough to win the game? Well Folk came on to try a game winning 54 yard field goal and he missed! But wait…an unsportsmanlike penalty was called on Chris Jones, giving New York 15 yards and a first down. But on replay, there’s no penalty whatsoever. Every Pats fan knew that was a garbage call, every Jets fan knew they got very lucky, and even a person with 20/20 vision could easily tell that there was no penalty. Folk came on later to try a 42 yard field goal and it was good. Your final: New England 27, New York 30. Absolute awful (and arguably unfair) way to lose a football game. They have to beat Miami next week. Let’s go Patriots!