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Position Analysis: Quarterback

Tom Brady has spoiled the fans in Foxboro since 2001. He has, at times, been the best quarterback on the planet. He has led them to three Super Bowl wins and two other heart-breaking losses. He has been around for a long time…and it may be time to move on.

What follows is not “click bait” or ESPN-like “trolling” it is a fairly well thought out way, one possible way, the Patriots could transition to the next generation.

New England could trade Brady to the Texans for the number one pick and grab Johnny Manziel. Think about it- Brady would give the Texans (who had the worst record, but not the worst team) a quarterback with at least four good years left, The fans could not complain, as the Texans would be an instant contender who possessed the first pick in the second round. For the Patriots, the transition would begin and they would have one of the new prototype quarterbacks. With their young, emerging defense and a highly skilled difference maker at QB (one who is under 30), who is to say that they couldn’t contend? Seattle won a Super Bowl with a similarly sized player, Russell Wilson, in his second year at quarterback. It could just as easily happen in New England with a young defense and a creative offensive coordinator.

Ryan Mallett has all of the physical tools one would want from a quarterback. He is 6’6” with an absolute Howitzer hanging off of his right shoulder. He is mobile and athletic. This guy should be a ten-year starter in the NFL. However, it always seems as if there is just a little something missing from his game. His resume essentially is comprised of pre-season starts that have been less than eye popping. Mallett’s biggest drawback is his accuracy. He is wildly inconsistent and he is just a likely to hit a guy in a different colored jersey as he is to hitting a Patriot between the numbers. The Pats should trade him while he has small value (his contract expires after the season) and get a seconfd or third round draft pick for him.

Player they should trade up and draft: Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M- This extraordinarily unique athlete is a magical quarterback. He can make plays with his, arm, his feet, and his head. He is uber-competitive and he carries himself with a swagger that is becoming the norm for the next generation of quarterback. He is accurate with both the intermediate routes and with the deep ball. If you saw any A&M games last year, you saw a team with a spaghetti colander defense (a defense that gave up 28 points to Sam Houston State at Kyle Field) that Manziel willed to a 9-4 record (bowl included).

Going away, slowly but surely, are the quarterbacks who give the standard, cliché-polluted pre and post game interviews so that they don’t produce any bulletin board material for their opponents. Today’s “look at me, I just had a thought and tweeted about it” generation screams for attention. Johnny Flippin’ Football is the athlete to carry the torch for this generation.

Player they should stand pat and draft in the third round: AJ McCarron, Alabama: Let’s look at his resume: wins, check; wins at a big time program, check; plays well despite being under the microscope associated with playing for a team that is supposed to challenge for a national championship each year, check; can not only manage a game, but has the skills and intelligence to win games for his team, check; is incredibly accurate with a stronger than advertised arm, check. Does he sound like another quarterback Patriots fans have come to know and love? Yes he does. If McCarron is drafted by the Patriots, he will be the next guy. He will learn under Brady and he will be a winner.