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Rob Gronkowski, Margot Robbie star in ‘Suicide Squad’ promo

Suicide Squad looks to be the silver-screen blockbuster of the summer, with other superhero-themed movies not pulling in big numbers or drawing overwhelmingly positive reviews as production companies had hoped they would.

So far, Suicide Squad has certainly delivered on the advertising side, with numerous clever commercials and spots plugging the movie. Rather than the traditional movie trailers we’re used to seeing, these are fairly engaging and entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, a promo video that was recently released features Rob Gronkowski and Margot Robbie, who plays “Harley Quinn” in the movie.

In the video clip, Robbie speaks to Gronkowski, who’s her therapist, and vents about the plot of the movie, while the Patriots tight end listens intently. Gronk then likens the Suicide Squad to the Patriots, of course.

Gronk needs to be in more promo videos and movies during the offseason (when he’s not partying). He’s pretty great.