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Round Table: 2-0 and 0-2 Surprises

1. Which 2-0 team is most likely to miss the playoffs?  Which 0-2 team is most likely to make the playoffs?

Jason:  I'm not buying the Chiefs quite yet. They still have two games against Denver that are automatic losses, and I don't think the games against San Diego are a slam dunk. As far as 0-2 teams making the playoffs? Aint happenin'. But since I have to pick one, give me Carolina. Underrated defense, athletic QB with tons of upside, and they play the AFC East. If they find a way to win some division games, they could maybe possible maybe steal a 6 seed.

Raj:  Right now, the Chicago Bears are a surprise 2-0 team. I say surprise because while their roster isn't terrible, it's not one of the NFC's best. I'm still not sold of Jay Cutler being a quarterback that can lead his team into the playoffs. They've always started off great but then collapse later. You never know but come on, that's the trend. Why would it be any different this year?

Patriots fans will hate me for this but the 0-2 team that I think will get into the playoffs are the New York Giants. As someone who has lived in New Jersey his whole life, I can never count the Giants out. Their roster doesn't look great on paper but from what I've learned, they're the Giants. And when people don't give them a chance, they turn the table and find a way to make the playoffs. I expect the Giants to do the same this season.

Derek:  For the 2-0 team missing the playoffs, I think you have to look to the NFC where the San Fran/Seattle dog fight out West will almost assuredly eat up one of the two wild card spots in the conference.  That leaves room for only three of the four of Green Bay, Chicago, New Orleans, and Atlanta.  In the long run, I like Green Bay and Atlanta (both 1-1) to win their divisions, which means that either Chicago (2-0) or New Orleans (2-0) will be left out.  I'll go with Chicago for the last wild card spot, leaving New Orleans on the outside looking in.

As far as the 0-2 team goes… yikes.  I just told you how tough the NFC is going to be for even the 2-0 teams.  However, on the AFC side we're left with injured Pittsburgh, the Browns, and the Jaguars.  The one saving factor is that somebody has to win the NFC East and 0-2 New York and 0-2 Washington are both only a game out at this point.  I'll second Raj's notion and go with the Giants.