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Round Table: Brady’s Hand

How concerned are you about Tom Brady's throwing hand?

Jason: That thing looks like a pumpkin, so it's worth a little concern. But then again, it's Brady we're talking about. He'd be better than 1/3 of the league's QB if he were blindfolded and wearing an oven mitt on his throwing hand. The real concern is how bad he could screw it up if he smacked it off a helmet or got it caught on a bad exchange on a handoff. There are a million ways to make that injury a whole lot worse. The only saving grace is the bye coming up next week. Two weeks of rest should do it a world of good.

Raj: When I saw highlights of last week's game (which I missed), I noticed the swelling on Brady's throwing arm. I would be lying if I told you I'm not concerned. Without the swelling, he hasn't even been that great. You gotta think that with the swelling, the situation isn't any better or might even be worse. But then again…he is Tom Brady.

Rick: I am very concerned about Brady, but its not so much with the hand. Let's keep in mind that Brady was struggling before this injury came into being. This just adds on that the quarterback does not feel confident right now. Whether its injury, lack of help from receivers, or the increase of lob throws down the field, it is a concern. I think Brady ultimately gets it together, but its hard to see a player we are so used to seeing put up mammoth yards only have 25 yards in the 1st half and 112 total passing yards last week, even in a win. 

Derek: Brady doesn't appear to be concerned, and so I'm not either.  If anything, the fact that he's a bit banged up gives me some confidence that things will get better in the passing game.  As Brady's hand heals, Amendola's groin heals, Gronk gets used to game speed, Vereen returns, and the rookies get more and more comfortable, the Patriots offense might end up coming together at just the right time.