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Round Table: Fixing the Offense

What do the Patriots need to do to get the offense back on track?

Derek:  I think they just need to be patient.  Gronk, Amendola, and Vereen will all be back in time.  In the mean time, this is the perfect situation to let the rookies develop some chemistry with Tom Brady.  For all the drops, missed throws, and wrong routes that we saw last Thursday night, I think most people are overlooking something else that we saw…  

When was the last time that Patriots wide receivers were getting open that far down the field?  

While they didn't finish the plays, at least Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson were creating separation and putting themselves in a position where Brady could actually throw the ball to them.  The dink and dunk game that Welker and Hernandez perfected only got the Patriots so far.  The Patriots now have the potential for a vertical passing game that they've been sorely lacking since Randy Moss was sent packing.  Give this new crew a little more time to get their timing down, and the Patriots could have a very dangerous passing game, especially when the injured stars return.

Jason:   They need to develop magic healing powers. This team could be dangerous with a healthy Gronk, Amendola and Vereen. Until that trio gets healthy, we're likely to see a steady diet of Dobson's alligator arms. Ugh.

Raj:  They need to sign a veteran receiver. Right now, rookies aren't stepping up when they need to. At this point, when rookie WRs drop catches, they aren't rookie mistakes. They're drops. Why? Because these rookies have had the opportunity to work on those rookie mistakes in training camp, 4 preseason games, and times between games. There's no excuse for that nonsense right now. They can still play but they need a veteran receiver to show them how it's done. In addition, signing a veteran can help Tom Brady be less pissed on the sideline. A less pissed Brady = Happy Patriots fans.