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Round Table: Vollmer’s Impact

How big of an impact will the loss of Sebastian Vollmer have on this team?

Raj:  I saw his injury during the highlights..wow. You could literally hear him scream and it was not pleasant one bit. It definitely affects the mantra of an already unstable Patriots offensive line. However, though Vollmer might be out for sometime, the Patriots have replacements. The only question is, are they good enough to take temporarily take Vollmer's spot and give Brady more time to throw the ball?

Jason: I'm less worried about the Vollmer injury than I was about Wilfork or Mayo. The offensive line still has enough depth, and the right tackle position isn't as critical in the passing game since Brady typically does a tremendous job of sensing the pressure and moving in the pocket to avoid the rush. The biggest issue with this injury may be in terms of depth. If another offensive lineman goes down, that puts even more inexperience on the field when the Pats have the ball. As we've seen with the receiving corps, that can be a dangerous thing.

Derek: If there's one area where the Patriots are deep, it's at the offensive line. Not many teams have a starter-quality backup like Marcus Cannon who can step in when a player like Vollmer goes down.  Overall, the offensive line play has been a bit spotty this season, but there's no denying that the talent is there to create a formidable front for Brady.  The question I have is not so much about whether Vollmer can be replaced, but whether this unit as a whole can pull together and have a stronger performance in the second half of the year.