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Tracking the Patriots’ Progress After Day 14


Good afternoon and Happy Wednesday, PatsNation! We're now 2 weeks into the NFL Free Agent Frenzy, but the energy has certainly died down a lot. In my last article, I mentioned that there was a need to sign some new players that could help improve the depth, as well as re-signing some old players that have already made a positive impact on the field for the Patriots.

In terms of re-signing old players, the key names were wide receiver/punt returner Julian Edelman and tackle Sebastian Vollmer. A few days ago, New England re-sgined Vollmer for 4 more years. The signing of Vollmer was critical for the Pats because his presence doesn't allow opposing defenders to get to Tom Brady so easily, thus giving Brady more time to make a pass.

Last season, whenever we saw Brady under pressure, he would frequently give it to Wes Welker or either of the two tight ends. With Welker gone and supposing both Rob Gronkowski & Aaron Hernandez are covered, who can Brady throw to? Danny Amendola is a possible choice but from what I've observed, Julian Edelman can be clutch in those moments. I saw it last season when Welker or either of the tight ends weren't an option, Brady threw it to Edelman. In addition, Edelman is also an excellent punt returner. Having him back would be incredible. If they cannot re-sign Edelman, they can manipulate Jeff Demps in a special teams role. Danny Woodhead would have been an ideal free agent to re-sign as well. Unfortunately, Woodhead took his talents to Southern California and will be a part of the San Diego Chargers next season.

Finally, the dilemma with the defensive ends is still going on. After the fax blunder in Denver, Elvis Dumervil was going to test the market and I really thought the Patriots would be a frontrunner to get him. Unfortunately, he chose to sign with the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Baltimore Ravens. Still, the Patriots have a shot at quality DEs such as Dwight Freeney and John Abraham. If New England is able to re-sign Julian Edelman and one adroit defensive end, then I think the Patriots will cease their involvement in this year's NFL Free Agent Frenzy.