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Why Lovie Smith Would Be A Smart Hire As Defensive Coordinator for The Patriots

Ever since the departure of defensive playmakers like Rodney Harrison, Tedy Bruschi, Junior Seau, and Ty Law among others, the Patriots have struggled defensively over the years.  Although these player departures have a lot to do with these defensive woes, the team hasn't exactly had the cream of the crop to work with as far as defensive minds go.  In the last few years, the team has had defensive coordinators the likes of Eric Mangini, Dean Pees, Corwin Brown, and currently, Matt Patricia.  Bill Belichick won't be around forever and that is why you have to capitalize on his remaining years.  To do this, you need to hire sufficient talent so that can you can win a ring or two before he retires.  Lovie Smith should definitely be a part of the equation for the Patriots. 

Smith started his career as linebacker’s coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, later becoming defensive coordinator for the Rams.  After his arrival, their defense improved considerably.   The year before he took over the team in 2000, the Rams allowed twenty nine points per game which was the worst in the league that year.  In 2001, the year he joined as Defensive Coordinator, they allowed 17 points per game, nearly cutting their points allowed by half!  He even led his team to the super bowl that year, eventually losing to the Patriots, as all Patriots fans know.  As a member of the Bears head coaching staff, although their offense really struggled, their defense was among the league’s best and still remains elite to this day. 

The legacy that Lovie Smith has created for himself is undeniable.  He has worked with the legendary Tony Dungy and Mike Martz, possessing knowledge and experience that would be a very valuable commodity for the Patriots.  Additionally, Bill Belichick has enough on his plate.  His sole focus should be on Head Coaching, not helping to mentor Matt Patricia.  If the Patriots really like Matt Patricia, they could bring in Smith to help him.  That way, under his tutelage, he could become a future defensive guru that could learn from one of the best defensive minds in the league.

Bringing in a veteran coaching presence in Lovie Smith could be a major help to the Patriots defense.  With a nucleus of young talent the likes of Devin Mccourty, Aqib Talib, Alfonzo Dennard, Chandler Jones, and Donta’ Hightower among others, Smith would be able to mold the Pats D into a tough, ballhawking nightmare.  Smith is smart, dedicated, and has worked with some of the best coaches in this era.  Why not have him team up with another legendary, defensive minded head coach in Bill Belichick?  With the help of Lovie Smith, the Patriots’ defense could become elite in 2013 and beyond, as he has been successful coaching defenses everywhere he has been in the NFL.