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Blues give Paajarvi a one-year, one-way deal

The St. Louis Blues answered one of their depth questions for 2017-18 on Thursday, giving Magnus Paajarvi a new one-year, one-way contract worth $800,000.

Paajarvi, 26, spent time in both the NHL and the AHL last year and his overall results were mixed. He started off looking like the player Blues fans were familiar with (fast, but not really contributing), but he improved as the season wore on. He edged out other depth options which earned him some time in the playoffs.

One of the best highlights of the entire year came off of Paajarvi’s stick as he scored the series winner in the first round against the Minnesota Wild.

Paajarvi’s regular season totals weren’t overly impressive (eight goals and 13 points in 32 games) last year, but they were a marked improvement over his 2015-16 totals (three goals and nine points in 48 games). He won’t be one of the team’s top offensive weapons, but what he showed in 2016-17 is at least encouraging and should give the Blues more confidence to call on him should they have an open spot in the lineup.

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