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Blues’ new slogan “All Together Now” isn’t bad, but it is missing something

A new season means a new slogan for every NHL team. For 2017-18, the St. Louis Blues will rock “All Together Now” as their slogan designed to inspire fans and carry the organization’s marketing goals. Does this new slogan fit with Blues fans and the new season?

Honestly, I barely remember any of the slogans the Blues have used over the past several seasons. That’s probably a bad thing as it means none of them have been particularly memorable. The one slogan which does come immediately to mind is the “Bleed Blue” / “Do You Bleed Blue?” mantra.

Other slogans, such as the “Whatever It Takes” campaign, were ripe for ridicule, but the bleeding blue campaign is still relevant and is still referred to today even though it’s been over a decade since it was formally used.

If you live around the St. Louis area, the bleed blue campaign had some awesome billboards. When have you ever heard someone say a billboard was awesome?

Here’s a great example of one of those billboards:

Brilliant. It preaches to the passionate fandom of Blues fans which may rival any group of fans in hockey. It’s also more unique than the stereotypical “Whatever It Takes” which always felt a bit of a reach considering there’s only one outcome – a Stanley Cup – which makes that slogan a success.

Skipping back to present day, “All Together Now” is definitely better than that horrible decision to use “Don’t Stop Believing” while the Detroit Red Wings were still a bitter rival a few years back. The new slogan is an obvious play on the team’s musical ties and the fact the players and fans need to come together in order to reach the season’s goals. Remember, it could be a lot worse.

It’s not a bad slogan, but it’s not particularly inspiring either. All things considered, that’s probably enough to consider it a win.

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