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Blues tease new Adidas jerseys, full reveal expected on June 20th

As the NHL transitions to Adidas jerseys for the 2017-18 season, teams such as the St. Louis Blues are already starting to tease their new look. If you were hoping to see the Blues adopt their Winter Classic jerseys from 2016-17, you’re going to be disappointed.

Here’s a first look at the overall scheme:

The full reveal is expected on June 20th.

Very little, if anything, is actually revealed in the photo above, but it is now confirmed the Blues won’t adopt their Winter Classic colors everyone seemed to love this past season.

Though the early peak has the team’s familiar colors, it remains to be seen just how different the overall uniform is compared to the home/road uniforms from 2016-17. One has to imagine that Adidas’ iconic three stripes will be featured in one place or another, but hopefully they won’t throw off what was already an extremely solid look.

If you’re upset the Winter Classic uniforms are gone, they may just be gone temporarily. It’s very possible that the powder blues will return in a year or so once Adidas has things up and running.

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