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Blues tried to sign Jagr, but he picked a different team

It was assumed that the talk of Jaromir Jagr joining the St. Louis Blues was pretty much over after the team announced a one-year deal for Scottie Upshall. Prior to that announcement, it was unclear just how serious the Blues were in Jagr and whether or not the two sides were ever close to a deal.

Evidently, the Blues made Jagr an offer, but the veteran forward declined in favor of a different team.

That other direction appears to be the Calgary Flames.

That’s a fairly reasonable price for Jagr’s services. The Blues were probably able to offer a similar deal in terms of money, but they may have not been able to match what the Flames could offer in terms of where Jagr would skate.

Jagr was very clear that he would pick the team who offered the best overall opportunity. Specifically, he wanted to be a contributor and wanted to have a regular position within the lineup. The Blues were mostly looking for help on their third or fourth line until some of their injured players were able to return. Jagr might have been able to creep up in the roster, but he likely would have had to accept a lower role as soon as the Blues returned their regulars.

Meanwhile, the Flames may have been able to assure Jagr of a more prominent role.

It would have been fun to watch Jagr wear the Note, but it should also be fun to see some new, young faces trying to earn a spot in the lineup.

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