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Dmitrij Jaskin again a playoff hero, deserves to play in Game 6

Dmitrij Jaskin was one of the best players on the ice for the St. Louis Blues in Game 5 against the Nashville Predators. That’s a pretty crazy sentence to write considering he wasn’t even supposed to be in the lineup. Replacing an injured Alexander Steen just before the critical game which could have ended the Blues’ season, Jaskin broke out and had what may have been the best game of his career to help keep the Blues alive for at least one more game.

Jaskin ended the night with a huge goal and eight total shots. He was outstanding with the puck in Nashville’s zone, keeping the cycle alive despite being constantly harassed by the Predators. If that sounds familiar, particularly the goal, it’s because Jaskin scored an extremely similar goal against Dallas in Game 5 last year.

Jaskin spoke with the Post-Dispatch following the game about his goal and how it compared to last season.

“I had it in mind,” he said. “Pretty much the same goal. It just happened.”

First, Jaskin’s goal in Game 5 against the Preds:

And his goal last year in Game 5 against Dallas:

The goals aren’t identical by any means, but they both came from a rebound and both originated from a player – Jaskin – who was a surprising and unexpected playoff hero.

Though Jaskin scoring against the Predators after sitting out for about a month was a shock to just about everyone, Steen – the player he replaced – predicted the goal.

“Steener, even though he didn’t play, he supported us. He actually called that I’m gonna score. Thanks to him.”

Moving ahead to Game 6, Jaskin won a spot in the lineup. If Steen proves to be healthy enough to play, Jaskin should still find time as another player makes way. Who that player should be is up for debate, but there are plenty of options who deserve to sit after watching Jaskin come in and completely outwork just about everyone.

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