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Jake Allen on loss to Dallas: “They get two fluky-ass goals”

The St. Louis Blues picked up another disappointing loss on Friday night, falling by a 2-1 score to the Dallas Stars. Once again, the Blues had an incomplete effort and Jake Allen picked up a lot of heat from Blues fans who want to see better.

Following the game, Allen pointed out that luck may have played a role:

It’s not often you hear an NHL player say the other team had “fluky-ass” goals. Credit to Allen for the unique adjective.

Allen is right that a couple of different bounces would have altered the outcome, but that could be said about dozens of games the Blues play all season. Good teams – ones capable of lifting the Stanley Cup – find ways to neutralize the “luck” factor and make their own bounces.

The Blues did strike the iron in the contest, but so too did the Stars. Such is life in the NHL. The Blues need to find a way to climb to a level, specifically on offense, where one bad bounce, or one “fluky-ass” goal, doesn’t decide an outcome.

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