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Mike Yeo took over the Blues and immediately made fun of Berglund’s haircut

Mike Yeo represented a breath of fresh air for Blues players who were tired of Ken Hitchcock’s message. Yeo’s style is much more relaxed compared to Hitchcock and his first day as head coach was a memorable one as he immediately mocked Patrik Berglund’s haircut.

Berglund admitted he was roasted, via STLToday:

“He said, ‘On this team, we’ve got to have each other’s back,’” Blues center Patrik Berglund said. “I was like, ‘Where is this going?’ Then I saw he looked over me and I knew he was looking at my haircut. And then he said, ‘Whoever gave Bergy that haircut, we’ve got to get that guy.'”


Berglund’s trendy haircut is pretty open to some mockery, but the Blues probably didn’t expect it from Yeo on his first day as the team’s head coach.

Time will tell whether or not Yeo will be a success with the Blues, but he has made a great first impression. Joke aside, he has the Blues competing at a level well above where they’ve been competing all season long. The effort and overall tenacity of the team is more in line with what fans expected following a season in which the Blues made a deep playoff run. The whole team looks a step quicker and a bit sharper, which is pretty incredible all things considered.

Yeo has been behind a resurgence, but it’s still very early in his career behind the bench in St. Louis. A relaxed style certainly has its benefits, but fans will have to wait and see how it plays out over a longer period.

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