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Mike Yeo’s early success is encouraging, but bigger tests remain

Mike Yeo has been on a roll since being named the head coach of the Blues, rattling off a few wins and becoming the first head coach in team history to win his first three road games. Upon taking over, the Blues have looked stronger on the puck, faster and are playing with a new sense of urgency. The drastic change has been exciting and as a result it’s been easy to get a bit carried away with Yeo’s success.

Mid-year coaching changes have produced some big immediate returns. Consider the Pittsburgh Penguins who made a change in the middle of the year and went on to hoist the Cup. That type of success isn’t typical, but most NHL teams see a boost in their play after changing who is behind the bench. Players are excited to hear a new voice and try new things which usually leads to some quick success.

Such has been the case with the Blues. There’s no doubt the Blues have looked like a different team under Yeo, but the real tests remain. How will Yeo handle things when the going gets rough? How will he, and the roster, handle the inevitable adversity which awaits? The Blues have a tough road to the playoffs and it’ll be interesting to see what happens as the remainder of the season plays out.

It’s been refreshing watching the Blues compete at a level they really should have been at all season long, but it remains to be seen how Yeo and the Blues will look as they push for the playoffs.

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