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Mike Yeo’s start with the Blues is eerily similar to Ken Hitchcock’s

Mike Yeo and Ken Hitchcock are two very different coaches with two very different styles. Trying to draw comparisons between the two is pretty difficult considering one has a more rigid, firm approach while the other believes in a more relaxed philosophy.

However, the two have some freaky similarities when discussing their start with the Blues.

Check out their records after 53 games:

What are the odds?

After 53 games, the two had slightly different records, but the exact same number of total points. During those stretches, both Yeo’s team and Hitchcock’s team were the league leaders in points.

As we all know, Hitchcock’s road eventually evened out some and abruptly ended prior to Yeo’s promotion last season. When all was said and done, Hitch walked away from St. Louis with a 248-124-41 record in 413 games. That’s nothing to be ashamed of even though his exit was less than glamorous.

The moral of the story here is that it’s important to keep the big picture in mind. Currently, it looks like Yeo and the Blues can do no wrong. That may not always be the case, as we all saw with Hitchcock.

I’m far more optimistic with Yeo than I was with Hitchcock simply because the style and approach is far less draining on the players than Hitchcock’s, but the record comparison is pretty noteworthy.

One thought on “Mike Yeo’s start with the Blues is eerily similar to Ken Hitchcock’s

  1. There’s something to be said for the idea that a coach’s voice goes stale in the room after a while. While that might be more apparently with an old-school coach like Hitch, it happens to pretty much all of them eventually. Heck, it’s basically the reason that Yeo got let go by the Wild, if we’re being honest about it.

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