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Net problem for the Blues?

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The season is in full swing in St Louis. It looked as though it'd be a tough campaign in the realigned and very competitive Central Division, but the stars are making every effort to impress and – for the most part – the team has been consistent.

However, there is one area that must be a worry for the Blues and their fans – the goaltending situation. Fans have seemingly fallen out of love with the Jaroslav Halak/Brian Elliott duo that, over the years, has served them well.

With the love for that tandem subsiding, there is a clamor for a new face between the posts. 

The name most mentioned by fans and pundits is Buffalo goaltender Ryan Miller, one of many free agents that the rebuilding Sabres have on their books.

Fans betting on the NHL know that Miller has always been one of the best in the NHL and has had a storming season for Buffalo in a team that sits currently with a 15-32-8 record at the bottom of the Atlantic Division. Given the fact that he is in a contract year, he is one of very few assets that newly appointed general manager, Tim Murray, can liquidate in an effort to rebuild the Sabres for the future.

There are plenty of options available for the Blues to tempt the Sabres with in return for Miller – one would be to offer them Jaroslav Halak and Roman Polak together with a high draft pick. That little lot would provide a tempting package and provide an upgrade to a currently weak Sabres defense. There are other options, of course, and those could involve combinations of Patrik Berglund, Magnus Paajarvi, a collection of prospects or various draft picks of differing levels.

It’s all about finding something that would tempt the Sabres into dealing a prized asset that would allow them to rebuild while the Blues gain what is possibly the missing piece of the jigsaw without unbalancing a successful team. There is a feeling among NHL betting pundits that the Blues need to make this happen in order to lift the Stanley Cup.