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NHL won’t allow Blues to wear Winter Classic uniforms in the playoffs

Were you hoping to see the St. Louis Blues sport their awesome uniforms from the Winter Classic during a home playoff game? The NHL has stepped in to crush those hopes, informing the Blues that they won’t be allowed to wear the uniforms and must instead wear their regular home jerseys in the playoffs.

The team may have been planning to wear the Winter Classic jerseys as their rally towel promotion for Game 3 against the Wild features the Winter Classic look.

Via STLToday:

But despite the attractive look and the good luck, the club has been informed by the NHL that it won’t be allowed to wear them in the playoffs.

“They’re obviously cool and it was nice for us to have this year,” Blues defenseman Robert Bortuzzo said. “But we’re pretty much focused on playing games here.”

Disappointed the Blues won’t wear the uniforms in the playoffs? Well, you might not have too wait long to see them again. With the NHL restricting teams to two uniforms next season (home and road) and removing the alternate option as they move from Reebok to Adidas, the Blues have an opportunity to make their Winter Classic look their new home and road look. There’s no confirmation that they will, but given the huge success of the uniform and the fact that it can’t be featured as an alternate, it looks like a likely scenario.

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