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Patrik Berglund jokes he may be out of a job due to Blues’ strong play

Once upon a time, the St. Louis Blues looked like a team destined to crumble under the weight of some serious injuries. Isn’t it funny how things end up playing out?

The Blues have thrived while their players have been out, positioning themselves into the early conversation as one of the best teams in the Western Conference.

What does Patrik Berglund, one of the many injured players, think about how well the Blues have played?

He jokes that he he may need to find a new job.

I’m not a fan of the extended character account Twitter is using, but it actually works out pretty nicely here.

Of course, Berglund is joking, but he does kind of have a point. The Blues have been outstanding, dismantling teams in a variety of ways throughout the beginning of the season. They’ve been dynamic, finding ways to win and – most surprising of all – proving they might actually know how to play with a lead. That alone has been a welcome surprise.

Adding some of the team’s injured players back into the lineup does carry the risk of messing with some of the chemistry developed over the last few weeks. Still, that’s not enough of a reason to hold a player like Berglund out. What it does allow is for the Blues to strategically work him back in, only using him when and where they want rather than when they need.

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