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Poll results: Blues fans approve of Berglund’s new deal

Twitter is a a great resource for hockey fans. Where else can you follow team news, make fun of Pierre McGuire and bash Blackhawks fans all in the same place? It’s also a great place to hold extremely scientific polls about the Blues.

I hosted one of these scientific polls with Blues fans regarding Patrik Berglund’s new contract. Berglund has been a polarizing player throughout his career, so I wanted to gauge how Blues fans felt about the new deal.

It turns out, the overwhelming majority of poll voters approve.

Of the 101 votes, 73% like the new deal Berglund signed which will keep him in St. Louis for another five seasons.

Sure, 101 votes isn’t exactly a big sample of voters or even close to a big sample of voters. That being said, 101 votes from hockey fans on Twitter does represent a portion of the more passionate community – the community which is active on Twitter to talk about the Blues. Capturing that kind of percentage should accurately reflect that a lot of Blues fans are on board.

Recently, I discussed the pros and cons of Berglund’s new deal and in my opinion, despite his many flaws, the deal is one I can get behind. Berglund will continue to have his ups and downs, but the overall cost of $3.85 million against the cap each year is more than manageable.

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