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Remaining schedule set up in Blues’ favor

Never try to use logic when reviewing an NHL schedule. The league’s schedule is all over the map each season and 2016-17 is no exception. In fact, the current year’s schedule is even more bizarre thanks to the added bye week. As the Blues near the end of their schedule, they find a pretty favorable road ahead of them while trying to secure a playoff spot.

Here’s who the Blues face before the year concludes:

Avalanche (3 times)
Coyotes (2 times)

That’s not exactly the most intimidating group of NHL teams. As of the posting of this article, only the Flames and Predators are sitting in a playoff position. Five of the team’s remaining games are against the two worst clubs in the league – the Avs and Coyotes.

On paper, the Blues should have no problem locking up their own playoff spot considering their relatively easy schedule. That being said, the Blues still have to go out and beat the teams they’re supposed to beat. They control their own destiny, but they still have to actually beat these basement-dwelling organizations.

With 11 games left, the Blues are in an enviable position.

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