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Sad stat shows the Blues have won a lot, but have little to show for it

There are plenty of topics Blues fans love to debate, but one of the few ideas that most are willing to concede is the fact the team has been pretty awesome in the regular season. They’ve won a lot of games over the past few years. Unfortunately, as all Blues fans know, that regular season success hasn’t amounted to a Stanley Cup victory.

Statistically, the Blues have one of the best winning percentages in hockey over the past few seasons. Here’s a quick list of the 10 teams who have the most wins over the last three seasons.

The attention inevitably goes to the Washington Capitals and their playoff disappointments, but the Blues deserve to be in the same conversation. A sad, sad conversation.

The Blues have done so well in the regular season, better than almost every NHL team, and yet the disappointment comes through in a very tangible way. The Blues did have a deep playoff run which fell just a bit short two years ago, but it still stings to be so competitive for so long – three years is an eternity in hockey – and still miss the ultimate prize.

Some will say Blues fans should relish in the fact the team has been so competitive for such a consistent period. That argument does hold some water. However, the coming this close and never actually winning it all is a brutal, brutal sentence that Blues fans have endured since the team’s inception.

For fun, here are the teams with the fewest wins over the past three seasons.

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