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The Blues have officially made their goal for the year laughably low

Once upon a time, the St. Louis Blues were one of the top teams in the NHL. They had a formidable roster capable of a deep playoff run with a legitimate chance to win the Stanley Cup. It seems like so long ago.

Well, it was last season and it only feels like a long time ago because the Blues have publicly lowered the bar to an absurdly low level following the trade deadline.

Consider this quote from GM Doug Armstrong:

Are you kidding me?

This quote comes when the Blues were clawing at the door of the Stanley Cup Final just last season. The way Armstrong is talking, you’d think the Blues were a team who hadn’t even sniffed the postseason in years. He makes it sound like making the playoffs – an accomplishment most teams in the NHL achieve – is a worthy goal.

Making the playoffs isn’t a big deal for most teams. It really, really shouldn’t be a big deal for the Blues considering their history of making the playoffs and their history of coming up empty.

It’s rather ironic that this kind of quote from Armstrong comes out as the team continues to celebrate its 50th season. What better way to celebrate than by lowering the bar even further beneath the ultimate prize?

Years go by, but some things never change.

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