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The Blues have sucked at home and are using worn out quotes to explain it

With an ugly loss at home to the Arizona Coyotes, the St. Louis Blues continued their run of underwhelming play at the Scottrade Center. Dating back to the beginning of November, the Blues are tied for the most losses at home and have given up loads of goals during that time.

Following the game, the Blues had a familiar story. Players preached that their effort, or lack of effort, was unacceptable and the string of ugly performances go against the work-first mentality the team believes they have in place. They said that they let Carter Hutton down and have also been letting Jake Allen down over the past several weeks. They said they have to be better.

The comments and statements explaining these losses are as tiresome as the losses themselves. Ultimately, it’s time to prove it. The time for apologies, excuses and cliches is over. It’s time for the Blues to prove what kind of team they actually are – either a team worthy of a playoff spot or one that deserves to be forgotten.

Personally, I believe the Blues can be a good team. They demonstrated they could be a good team earlier this season. One injury, albeit a noteworthy injury to Jaden Schwartz, shouldn’t derail the train completely. Nothing can excuse the recent lack of trying. Mentally, I think the Blues are still plagued by many of the issues we’ve all seen in other Blues rosters in previous seasons. That’s a much more difficult problem to fix.

Mike Yeo made the Blues work during their practice following their loss to Arizona.

This is the type of stuff that needs to happen. The Blues, and here I’m referring to the coaching staff and management, have to demand more from the players. Fans should demand more too. The team has been bad of late and have only their strong beginning to the season to point at in regards to their position in the standings. That’s particularly depressing as they have the talent to be so much better.

Some fans booed when the Blues lost to the Coyotes. That’s OK. It may rub some fans the wrong way, but it’s important to remember that every fan has a right to voice their displeasure with the team. Considering just how bad the team has been, there’s a lot of displeasure out there and it needs to be vented.

2 thoughts on “The Blues have sucked at home and are using worn out quotes to explain it

  1. It’s a fairly rare occurrence for the fans to boo the team. Certainly even rarer for it to be as loud and heart-felt as it was at the end of the first period last night. And, not to put too fine a point on it, the team deserved every bit of it, if not more.

    I think it says a lot about where the fanbase is at this point that this happened (the booing, not the crappy play on home ice) – after the past few years, there are actual expectations of success to be met, and the team simply isn’t meeting them now, and hasn’t been for nearly three full months. Undoubtedly, the primary driver of the Blues problems over the past five seasons or so still hasn’t been addressed (sufficient scoring punch up front), but that had essentially nothing to do with the outcome of the game last night, which was getting beat on effort and desire and simple hockey plays in the defensive zone. The eye test swears that the team got more and more discombobulated after each goal against, and instead of upping the intensity and battening down the hatches after the second goal of the game, this happened: https://www.nhl.com/video/dvorak-nets-his-second-goal/t-293641514/c-56865903

    That play embodies everything that was so horribly wrong with the team last night, especially in the first period. Bortuzzo, as the first defender back, is fine, though he ends up losing the board battle. That’s going to happen every so often, which is what support is for. Bergie comes in and tries to provide it, and accomplishes pretty much zero on the play, because, instead of leading with his stick to at least try to interrupt possession, he goes for the hit (Berglund, hitting somebody? AND it’s the wrong play? This alone practically screams where the team’s headspace is at at this moment.), by which time the Coyotes have gotten the puck off the wall.

    At this point, Bortuzzo still has inside position on his man, and Parayko has his guy marked at the front/side of the net… and then he just abandons him to chase the puck, which gets centered past him and Bortuzzo’s check to the guy he just left all alone in front. Cue Coyotes goal. I highly recommend loading up Yakety Sax (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnHmskwqCCQ) and hitting play on the NHL video as soon as the music starts up. *sigh*

    So yes, I booed last night. I booed after that goal, because it was a comedy of errors that followed after a bunch of other comedies of errors. And I booed more when the period ended, because it was definitely not time to cheer, or even be respectfully silent. At least we’re not at jersey-tossing levels yet, but if the boys come out on Tuesday and do that again? I wouldn’t be shocked. Hell, I don’t think I’d even be surprised.


    1. It has always puzzled me why fans in St. Louis are so opposed to booing even when a situation clearly calls for some good ol’ fashioned booing.


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