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The new scoreboard might be the Blues’ best addition this summer

Summer is just getting started and already Blues fans are counting down the days to the NHL Expansion Draft with the hopes that the Vegas Golden Knights will do the Blues a favor by picking up Jori Lehtera. The team still needs a top center (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?) and has to build around Vladimir Tarsenko, but the options available this summer are lacking and pricey.

So, if you’ve read the title of this article, you know that I think the biggest addition the Blues will have this summer will be their new scoreboard. That’s only a partial joke.

In all seriousness, the new scoreboard is a much, much needed upgrade for the Scottrade Center. It’s just as important to the overall experience as a new top center would be for the Blues. The current scoreboard is tiny. In fact, it measures in as the second-smallest scoreboard in the league according to Blues President and CEO Chris Zimmerman. The new scoreboard will be roughly double in size and will have updated screens so that you can actually see the replays being shown on them.

If you’re thinking the scoreboard isn’t a big deal, you probably haven’t visited any other arenas. The Blues are way behind in their overall in-game presentation and it’s pretty noticeable in other rinks. The Blues will also be upgrading their lighting and sound, improving the overall experience fans feel while attending a game.

Now, don’t get me wrong – the Blues have to upgrade on the ice too. That being said, I’m pretty excited to see an improved experience around the ice which more closely matches the product on the ice.

One thought on “The new scoreboard might be the Blues’ best addition this summer

  1. The only way they can upgrade the sound is to turn it way down, and to not have noise (sorry, I ment music) any time the game clock stops.


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