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The St. Louis Blues are proving to be garbage on home ice

It’s pretty difficult to find anything positive to say about the St. Louis Blues. After a 4-0 shutout loss to the Winnipeg Jets, the Blues slumped to 3-6-1 over their last 10 games. They’re inching closer and closer to falling out of a playoff spot.  The betting odds right now for St. Louis to make the playoffs are not so good.  Whether you’re interested in hockey, basketball, or world cup betting, it’s always important to bet with your head and not your heart.  Right now, as a Blues fan, my heart is breaking.

With their 14th loss at home in 2017-18, the Blues now have their most home losses since they dropped 18 games all the way back in 2009-10.

To make matters worse, the Blues are losing in particularly ugly fashion inside the Scottrade Center. They’re not just losing. They’re losing badly.

They’ve already been shutout four times at home this season. That’s tied for most in a season since they were held scoreless six times at home back in 1998-99.

This was an important week for the Blues. They had two games at home (Sharks and Jets) before closing out the week away in Nashville. These were important results to pick up with the playoff race tightening and the trade deadline looming.

Well, the week has proved to be telling but in all of the wrong ways. The Blues lost to San Jose and looked pathetic against Winnipeg. It’s nearly impossible to picture the Blues magically turning things on against the Predators.

Unfortunately, the trade deadline likely won’t provide the relief the Blues need. They’re not one or two pieces away from being a contender. They need to make significant changes without parting with their best prospects. That type of building usually only happens in the summer.

One thought on “The St. Louis Blues are proving to be garbage on home ice

  1. On the morning of February 13th, before the game against Nashville, I said this: https://twitter.com/GeoffUpchurch/status/963450672879415296

    We’re now four Blues games into my window of the next six, in which the team has garnered one of a possible eight points. They probably don’t really deserve the one they got from OT in the Preds game, folding like a cheap tent like they did, but them’s league rules. The reason I made that prediction of needing nine of the twelve available points was simple: The Central is ridiculous enough, and it’s not as though the teams chasing the wildcard in the Pacific are all going to slouch to the end of the season, either. So, after a week and a half, how badly have the Blues fallen on their sword?

    The Blues had 71 points through 58 games. Now they have 72 points through 62 games. So, yeah…

    The Blackhawks had 56 points in 56 games by the end of action on the 12th. Now they’ve got 62 points in 62 games, keeping their point per game pace perfectly. Of course, they’re the worst team in the division, so we could pretty safely ignore them. I hope. Knock on wood, and all that.

    The Avalanche had 64 points in 55 games, and now have 69 points in 60 games. They’re still three points in arrears of the Blues, but hold two games in hand.

    The Wild had 66 points in 55 games, now they have 75 in 61 games. 9 points of a possible 12 in six games. They’ve leapfrogged the Blues by three points, and still hold a game in hand.

    The Stars had 70 points in 57 games, now they have 74 in 61 games. Four games worth of .500 points% hockey is all it took to leapfrog the Blues by two points, while retaining a game in hand.

    The Jets and Predators were already running away and hiding, but let’s go ahead and put the point on it.

    The Jets had 73 points through 56 games going into Feb. 13ths games. After dismantling the Blues tonight, they have 81 points in 61 games. Eight of a possible ten points.

    The Preds had 75 points through 54 games. They were idle tonight – a well-deserved rest after they murdered the poor Sharks out of hand 7-1 last night. Doesn’t stop them from having improved to 83 points through 60 games, though. Eight of a possible twelve points.

    If the Blues had merely played .500 hockey the past four games, they’d be six points up on the Avs, tied in points with the Wild, and one point up on the Stars. Not a great spot to be in with the other teams all still holding games in hand. Instead, they’ve crapped the bed so spectacularly that teams with .500 points percentages in games played the past couple of weeks are actually catching and passing them.

    I don’t hold out any great hope that the team is going to win one of the next two games (NSH, MIN), let alone both of them, to salvage anything close to a .500 record in the six game window I was referring to in that tweet above. A not-insignificant part of me hopes they’ll self-destruct again Sunday morning on national television, the better to spur Doug Armstrong into a little tactical deadline selling. Unless he can trade for the real Wizard of Oz at the deadline, to bring the team a heart and courage, the mental makeup of the Blues this year has shown consistently that they’re not ready for a postseason push.


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