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The St. Louis Blues finally have a good scoreboard and new locker room

For years, the St. Louis Blues skated beneath an outdated, relatively tiny scoreboard. Meanwhile, Blues fans who have traveled to other NHL arenas were treated to enormous, impressive boards which made the one in St. Louis look pretty puny.

Those days are over. The Blues finally have a scoreboard worth looking at.

That comparison is just crazy. The new board was hyped pretty well by the team’s management, but the comparison between the new and old is pretty wild.

And another look.

The scoreboard isn’t the only thing worth talking about. Check out the Blues’ new locker room.

The media who complain about the “no stepping on the logo” rule should be pretty happy. The new locker room is a drastic improvement over the old room which looked like it belonged in a high school.

Other improvements include new seating options as well as refreshed hallways and bathrooms. The Blues are still a couple of phases away from completion, so don’t be surprised if you see things which still need some love.

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