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Video: Alex Pietrangelo shows that he’s pretty good at passing at the NHL Skills Competition

St. Louis Blues fans know that Alex Pietrangelo is strong with the puck and can string together some accurate passes. Now, the rest of the hockey world knows thanks to Pietrangelo’s awesome individual effort at the 2018 NHL Skills Competition.

Pietrangelo showed off some pinpoint accuracy, clearly surprising the commentators as he put in the best time of the competition.

Despite his consistent play defensively over the years and his strong offensive start in 2017-18, Pietrangelo continues to be an underrated player in the NHL. Maybe this, as well as more outstanding play down the stretch, will finally give him the Norris attention he rightfully deserves. As of the date of this article, Pietrangelo is fifth among all NHL defensemen with 35 points in 47 games.

Oh, and congratulations to Pietrangelo and his family! There’s starting a family and then there’s having triplets. Thing are about to get crazy for Pietrangelo away from the rink.

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