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Video: Tage Thompson’s first NHL goal was a beauty

The St. Louis Blues have been struggling, but let’s take a second to give Tage Thompson the credit he deserves.

Thompson found his first NHL goal on Thursday night against the Edmonton Oilers in his sixth career game. He unleashed a quick shot from just above the circles that beat goaltender Cam Talbot.

The goal was an absolute beauty.

Thompson looks like a different player compared to the beginning of the season. The sample is small, but Thompson appears to be playing with more confidence since he was called back up.

Take his first goal for example. Thompson collected the puck and fired it towards the goal all in one motion. Young, inexperienced players tend to hesitate a second in this type of situation. After receiving the pass, they’ll settle it down and then fire the puck. Thompson’s silky movement gave Talbot almost no time to react. It’s these types of little things that should excite Blues fans.

It’s clear Thompson still has lots of room to grow and develop, but he’s already showing some significant improvements.

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