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What does Mike Yeo want to see from the Blues’ power play? “Goals”

When asked what he wants to see from the St. Louis Blues’ power play, head coach Mike Yeo had a very simple, direct response.


That response, as seen over on STLToday.com, sums up things nicely.

The Blues have been at the top of the league’s standings despite a power play that has been mostly underwhelming. After 24 games, they are converting only 18.1% of the time (20th in the NHL) with the man advantage.

After scoring three power-play goals against the Minnesota Wild, things may be starting to turn around. The Blues have struggled to find consistent chemistry with their power-play units, and have been far too slow and predictable in their approach. They may benefit by following Yeo’s simplistic mindset: Get the puck in the zone and fire away. Sometimes the best strategy is also the simplest.

On the other side of the puck, the penalty kill has actually been worse at 76.7% (25th in the NHL).

With the overall benchmark suggesting teams should be at a combined PK and power play total of 100, the Blues are well short at 94.8.

All of the above considered, it’s kind of incredible just how good the Blues have been this season. Their even-strength play has helped cover up some significant issues on special teams. A more simplistic approach and some new chemistry could go a long way in making both special teams units a bit more threatening.

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