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Yeo allows Brodeur to decide which goaltender starts each game

Mike Yeo has been praised for turning the St. Louis Blues around, but Martin Brodeur also deserves plenty of praise for helping calm down the team’s goaltenders. Upon taking over the goaltending coach duties with Ty Conklin, there has been an immediate sense of renewed poise and confidence in the St. Louis crease.

The topic of Brodeur as goaltending coach recently came up in Jeremy Rutherford’s weekly chat, and there was one interesting nugget of info which shed some light on how the team is handling its goaltenders. Yeo is apparently allowing Brodeur to decide which goalie will start before each game.

Via STLToday:

“In case anyone missed this, Yeo acknowledged yesterday that Brodeur tells him who should start each night. I don’t see anything wrong with that as long as Yeo is comfortable with it, and he is.”

Different teams handle goaltending in different ways, but it’s interesting learning that Brodeur is being allowed to make that decision. It speaks to the trust Yeo has in Brodeur and it reveals more about Yeo’s style behind the bench.

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