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Austin Rivers: The Dynamic With Blake and Chris was Weird

Over the years, NBA analysts have pried into the relationship between Chris Paul & Blake Griffin. Some reports claimed their relationship was fine, while others claimed it was strained. This past season we’ve seen more and more reports from different players about the dynamic. Austin Rivers was the latest to speak about Lob City’s culture in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

When asked about the relationship, Austin had this to say:

“The dynamic with Blake and Chris was weird. I don’t know why. It was just strange. No one knew who the leader was, and if you had something to say, it would turn into an argument. I think people were sometimes scared to say something to Blake, because you didn’t know how he’d react. [Now] he’s a whole different person, more approachable, and I think it’s because we’ve embraced him. We know who our leader is. We’re all-in with Blake Griffin.”

When you look at the emotions of the LA Clippers over the last 2 seasons, you could see that fear. You could see players like Wesley Johnson or JJ Redick look like they weren’t having fun. Hopefully with a redefined leader, we’ll see a newly energized team.