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Milos Teodosic wishes he came into the NBA at a younger age

Milos Teodosic is one of the hardest players in the NBA to interview. The man is basically a unicorn when it comes to the media. Last night, I was finally able to catch up with him after the Clippers’ win against the Magic. He stuck around for a while, answering questions about his brand new experiences in the NBA.

@milosteodosic4 wishes he came to the NBA at a younger age, and implores other European players to do so

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In the interview, Milos specifically mentions that he wishes he came to the NBA at a younger age. So that he could have more time to adjust his body to the NBA style.

Here’s the full interview for those interested. In the full interview he addresses which European players would do best in the NBA, and also that it’s the best time ever for European players to transition into the league.