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VIDEO: Blake Griffin Talks Altercations With Rockets

The Clippers and Rockets rivalry may have become everyone’s new favorite NBA rivalry. Last night’s game did not disappoint, as there was more drama than anyone could have anticipated. Blake Griffin got into altercations with: Mike D’Antoni, Trevor Ariza, and Chris Paul.

Los Angeles ended up winning the game, but not before things got heated. Blake Griffin was ejected from the game, Trevor Ariza was ejected from the game, and Mike D’Antoni received a technical foul. The fact that the game was tightly contested was just icing on the cake. There were several scuffles throughout the game, and I was able to capture Blake Griffin’s response to them.

Griffin maintained a code of silence, and joked about all the altercations. The most notable joke came when he was asked about Trevor Ariza:

“He asked if I was still coming to his birthday party, and I said yeah I’m gonna try.”

NBA fans are already clamoring for the rematch on February 28th.