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Checking in with recent Notre Dame tranfers

Every football season around spring and summer time seems to always have transfers, medical injuries, scholarship numbers or academic problems. Whether it’s because players are buried on the depth chart, along with the new freshman that get to campus in June, it’s bound to happen. Already through April we have two transfer announcements and I would definitely expect a few more once summer comes.

Wide Receiver Corey Holmes announced his intent to transfer a few months ago. Coming out of high school, he was a low ranked four star wide receiver from Florida with electric speed. At the end of the day, Holmes never really saw the field much, making a few appearances in the short passing game. He was very quick in route running but throughout practices he was never a consistent ball catcher. That got him quickly moved down the depth chart once more players gained confidence and were more consistent, along with freshmen coming right in and making an impact. In the past week, Holmes announced he plans to transfer to Purdue to continue his education and football career.

Safety Spencer Perry was the latest to announce his transfers about a week ago.

Like Holmes, Perry was continuing to move down the depth chart with younger guys coming in and stepping up to the challenge right away. Perry was an early-enrollee last spring and was seen only in a couple game last season on special teams. Coming out of the Florida powerhouse IMG he was a 3-star among all rankings. I actually had a lot of excitement for him because of his length for a safety and the competition he went against weekly down in Florida. Obviously it never worked out at Notre Dame and he plans to move on. Perry hasn’t announced where he intends to transfer and I don’t expect it to come by this anytime this month. I think he takes his time here and tries to find a place where he can get on the field right away or at least in the rotation.

Transfers hurt depth, of course, but with the young talent at the receiver position and the positive signs around the back end of the defense with Mike Elko, I can’t really be upset here. I think in the long run it helps recruiting and getting a better fit guy in there with someone like Perry, who was just a sophomore, transferring early. It opens up a lot of doors for the new staff to get exactly who they want. I do like how it seems the staff is being up front with these two players and basically telling them they won’t be seeing the field much. Again, I think that helps the program in the long run. Getting the right guys is always crucial and it is difficult to do that when the coaches aren’t honest with the players in regard to their fit within the program. The transparency of the coaching staff seems to be a positive sign for the Irish.

Best of luck Corey and Spencer. ND nation wishes nothing but the best for you. Make sure to follow @irishdaily10 for the latest updates.