7 thoughts on “New UND Football Jersey to Sport Fighting Hawks Logo

      1. It was inevitable for the new logo to be used by the hockey team. I think fans won’t throw a fit if it stays on the shoulders. It actually might look good on the shoulders. But as before, it is not going to force die hard fans to start cheering for the “Hawks” over the Sioux… It will be interesting to see if the new font on the front looks good or not. The current block font used for the “North Dakota” looked good because it had a retro/classic feel to it. The new font, being more modern looking, either will look really sharp or really out of place given the classic look of the jersey it will be on. Will just have to wait and see. Shouldn’t be too long before they are revealed.

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  1. Too many patches on that jersey…doesn’t look that good IMO. As far as having it on the hockey jersey, the smaller the better.


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