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A-Rod on Hall of Fame: “I Have a Unique Situation”

On paper, one could say that, arguably, Alex Rodriguez has had one of the better baseball careers of the last however many years.

Of course, there are those pesky steroid allegations (and the one admission) that will, more than likely, keep him out of the Hall of Fame…at least for a little while.

And you know what, he would agree.

“Everyone’s dream is to end up in the Hall of Fame,” Rodriguez said. “Obviously I have a unique situation and I don’t have a vote, unfortunately. But I think that with everything I’ve been through, I have an opportunity to be a Hall of Famer in other things – to be a Hall of Fame father, and give back to the sport, the baseball community, and do things the right way.”

While, I’m not sure there’s actually a place in Cooperstown for Hall of Fame fathers, A-Rod is right about being able to give back. Matter of fact, the three-time American League MVP is spending his first spring away from baseball serving as a guest instructor for the New York Yankees.

“I tell you what, I love the game, I love what I’m doing,’ Rodriguez added. “And the time I’m spending with the (Yankees’) kids, to me, is pretty awesome.”