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Mustache Group “Disappointed” with Reds New Policy

During Spring Training 2013, the Boston Red Sox decided to band together, ditch the razor and grow beards as a sign of solidarity.

They ended up winning the World Series.

A year later, the Cincinnati Reds are hoping to get the same result by doing the opposite.


Ramsey, the team's Assistant Director of Media Relations, added that the new policy isn’t meant to be hard on the players…it's new skipper Bryan Price's way of building a "team-first" atmosphere.

As you can imagine, an act like this didn't sit well with the mouthpiece of the follicularly endowed, American Mustache Institute President Dr. Adam Paul Causgrove.

"Coming from a team with one of the most ruggedly handsome mascots, this is a sad and unexpected move from the bald-faced front office in Southern Ohio," the leader of the Pittsburgh-based organization said. "Frankly, we at the AMI are very disappointed in the discriminatory actions coming from the Reds front office.  The mere thought that one could 'tame' the facial hair of world class athletes is laughable, at best.  From a strategic standpoint, this policy should not sit well with the Cincinnati fan base."

The Reds have seen their mascot, right?  As Causgrove points out…he's got a huge, burly mustache.  Are we led to believe that he has to change up his look to conform with Price's standards?

Let's hope not.